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Toten/Gjøvik Genealogical Resources


  • Kommunes of Gjøvik, Vestre Toten or Østre Toten in Oppland, Norway.

  • Parishes of Aas (Aase), Balke, Biri, Eina, Hoff, Gjøvik, Hunn, Kapp, Kolbu, Nordli, Nykirke, Raufoss, Redalen, Seegård, Totenvik, Vardal or Snertingdal.

View maps of Norway, Oppland, and Toten. 

If you are interested in researching your family history, check these useful online resources:

Church records provide an important resource for family history research. Learn more about churches in Toten

Research Help

Totenlag membership includes one hour of Lag Genealogy research time with one of our Totenlag Genealogists. Our lag has an extensive Totenlag library as well as access to, and experience with, online resources.

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Part of our Totenlag Library collection. Members can use these resources at the Stevne. 

Research Notes
Links are provided to online resources relating to Toten and Gjøvik, Norway, to the extent possible.

In some instances the databases are not broken down beyond the fylke level, thus there are some listings for Oppland or areas which included some portions of what are now Toten and Gjøvik.

The links are to the English version when available. The English version is not always a direct translation of the Norwegian. 


Excellent resource from the National Archives of Norway. Free and open for all to use. You can search and browse archive documents in digital form. 

Focus your search, Census and Church books are very helpful

Category: Select Census or Church Books/Parish Registers under category.

Geography: Communities in Toten will be listed under Østlandet (ex. Gjøvik,Østre Toten, Vestre Toten, Vardal, Biri, Kolbu etc.).


Enter information about your ancestor. Revise your search if needed. Remember spellings can vary. 

Farm records especially may be useful and interesting. Some Norwegians have the name of the farm as their surname (last name).


Some records have not been digitized (yet), but content is added often. 


Some digitized documents are not searchable. You may need to browse through to find a person or property. 

Explore other content in Digitalarkivet including photos.​

Dis-Norge / Slekt og Data

Norway family history organization. Search genealogical resources for Oppland: Gjøvik, Vestre Toten, Østre Toten and more. Subscription website. 

Norwegian Historical Data Centre - University of Tromso

For Toten, narrow your search by selecting Hordaland

NDHC has a search for some parish registers, but may not include Toten churches.

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